1.8. Additional information regarding entry permit

Applicants who intend to travel to Cyprus on the invitation of a Cypriot company with the view to install, repair or undertake maintenance of any machinery, or applicants intending to undertake training in Cyprus, must have an ENTRY PERMIT in order to be allowed to travel.

The Entry Permit is issued by the Civil Registry and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior, after application by the Cyprus company who invites the foreign national.

In order for the permit to be issued, the Cypriot company must first apply to the Employment Department of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security for authorization. In order to get the authorization, the Cypriot company must present certain documents that prove the necessity of the travel and the authenticity of the project, for example proof of registration of company, acquisition of machines (if applicable), contract with the foreign company who will dispatch the expert (if applicable), a letter from the foreign company confirming that the particular individuals work for them, and anything else that might be requested by the said Department.

Once the authorization is given by the Employment Department, the Cypriot company must apply to the Civil Registry and Migration Department for the issuance of the Entry Permit.

The original entry permit will allow the individual to travel to Cyprus without a visa. If the concerned individual does not have the original entry permit (i.e. only has a copy), then he/she must also get a visa from a Consular authority of the Republic of Cyprus (please note the Consular authorities will only be able to issue the visa providing that the entry permit is faxed to them directly by the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Cyprus).