2.1 What will happen on the day of my appointment? 

Please ensure that you plan your travel to arrive at the center slighter before your appointment time. Do not arrive too early as you may be asked to wait so that applicants arriving on time may be welcomed according to their appointment time. 

At the welcome area, please have: 
- your appointment checklist, 
- passport 
- and application form ready for inspection. 

1. At the Welcome area, TLScontact agent will thoroughly check your documents for compliance with your application checklist. 

Please be informed that corrections on any type of application form are not accepted. All information on the application form must be correct the day of the appointment. If not, you will be invited to fill a new form. 

2. Waiting area: Your application ID (individual reference number without “M”) will be automatically called and shown on the screen when there is a counter available for you to submit the application.

3. At the Documentation area, you will then be issued with a submission confirmation document, which you must retain to retrieve your passport when it has been processed. 

4. After confirming the documentation, you will be invited to make payment of visa and service fees.