2.3. What do I need to consider when applying through a representative?

The representative must present an authorization form (please click here to download the template) duly filled and hand signed by the applicant. This authorization form has to be provided as an original. Copies or faxes are not accepted. No subsequent alterations are allowed to be made on the filled out form. The applicant’s signature on the form should resemble the applicant’s signature in the passport. The letter cannot be shared for several visa applicants.

  • The applicant’s passport must be signed by the applicant himself. In this regard, please also pay attention to the special regulations concerning applicants who are underage.
  • Representatives are only allowed to sign in place of the applicant during their appointment in the Visa Application Centre on the following documents:
    • Consent forms
    • Application checklist
  • Applicant’s picture must fully comply with the strict regulations. When the application is submitted through a representative, it is not possible to make new photos in the visa application centre and hand them in during the appointment.
  • It is not possible to complete documents after the application has been submitted. The representative is strongly advised to clarify with the applicant beforehand if the applicant wants to submit the application or withdraw, should the documents be incomplete. IN THE EVENT the representative is submitting an incomplete or incompliant set of documents, applicant themselves need to sign the following declaration form. Representatives cannot contact the applicant during the appointment in the visa application centre as the use of mobile phones is not permitted in the visa application centre.

The representative bears the sole responsibility for the decision about the application’s submission.