2.6 What happens if during my appointment at the Visa Application Centre for the submission of my application, it is discovered that my application is incomplete or incorrect?

If during your appointment it is discovered that your application files do not correspond to the requirements of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, or some of the required documents are missing, you can:

  • Withdraw your application and book an appointment for another day to submit  full or corrected application files;
  • Complete your application files on the same day at a later time; PLEASE NOTE: currently this value-added service is only available through Premium Lounge facility.
  • Choose to submit your incomplete or incorrect application files on the same day – we strongly suggest that you try to submit a completed application as the SUBMISSION OF AN INCOMPLETE APPLICATION MAY RESULT IN THE REFUSAL OF YOUR VISA APPLICATION. If you still insist on applying, you will be asked to sign a declaration letter before your application is submitted by the Visa Application Centre staff. If your application is submitted by a representative, the representative will be asked to provide a declaration letter signed by you (the applicant).  

If you have any questions, please contact us.