2.9. How can I collect my passport?

The passports can be collected when you are notified by SMS.

Passports can be collected in TLScontact visa application centres during the opening hours to the public.

In-person pick-up

You have to present the following documents if you would like to retrieve the passport by yourself at the Visa Application Centre:

  • Visa application checklist
  • Your original identity card
  • A copy of your identity card

Passport pick-up by a representative

A representative may retrieve your passport on your behalf. The representative must provide:

Please kindly note that TLScontact will return passports to the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Beijing, if the passports have not been retrieved at TLScontact within a period of 3 months after being returned from the consular authority.

Courier pass-back service

You may have your passport returned to you by express delivery service; it will be sent directly to the address you have specified. Please click Added Value Services page to check the service availability in your Visa Application Centre.